Since officially opening her practice in 2009, I have worked with many incredible folks as they have transitioned into better health and mind body awareness. As many practitioners do, I began this practice as a patient discovering first hand how I can reformat patterns, experience less pain, and improve my quality of life. It has been the greatest investment of time, resources and spirit. 


When I was a kid, I would visit my dad's school on Saturdays, run the blue ink stencil machine, write on the chalk board, teach my little sister something about the little I knew of life. It was, as I later learned in my dad's English class, foreshadowing. From filmmaking to pleasure focused sexual education workshop facilitator, I have shared my time and knowledge to support individuals and communities.

Since 2012, I have on the faculty of Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine, one of the leading Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Schools in Canada. Working to inspire future generations of practitioners fulfill the dream of an integrated culture of care. Preventative medicine is deeply rooted in our past, and is the guarantee for a healthy future.

In the company of my students, and often in her own time, I accept volunteer opportunities to work with community groups, offering self care workshops, mini treatments, and lectures on Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am passionate about contributing to a cultural awareness of how to help an individual deal with personal health needs.

Sitting for hours, quick lunches, and high-stress can have serious impacts on our health. Knowing how to utilize health insurance benefits offered by employers can assist to negate the negative impacts of long hours, and tight schedules. Knowledge is power and empowering people with the knowledge to care for their health is the gift that keeps giving as we keep racking up the years of life and experience.  


There have been many productions over the years that I have had the pleasure and privilege to bring to the public. These days it’s all Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine workshops all the time! She teaches practitioners basic and advanced cupping skills as well as Gua Sha. I also work with local and international speakers to offer workshops advancing local practitioners to better serve their clients.

Since 2013 Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is a regulated practice in Ontario, Registered practitioners R.ACs & R.TCMPs are required to have years of education as well as practical experience before writing a Pan Canadian exam, and registering with the college to ensure public safety. Registered practitioners are also required to complete additional educational credits throughout the year. With emphases on personal and professional development, integrative medicine, research, classical theory and philosophy, the workshops I produce ensure wholeness and quality care for anyone seeking Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Community Builder 

In addition to producing workshops, talks, teaching and treating, I have joined fellow practitioners to form Established to create public awareness, and provide education about the Regulated Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, working with insurance bodies to have acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine covered under health care plans, working with existing associations to ensure the future is bridged with the history of the medicine and working with the to ensure public safety and that best practices are established and maintained. 

Salt Water & Granite

Growing up in a small rural community on the edge of the North Atlantic, I grew up learning what it meant to be in relationship with my environment. As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine I am grateful for this foundation as it allows me to find the space to understand the resilience of the human body and mind. 

This land and sky and sea has shaped me and inform my relationship to life. My home.