What is it?

Cupping is the only form of treatment that offers a negative pressure, which allows the tissues to open up, and separate scar tissues and adhesions, increase circulation and overall provide a lifting effect. Often that stubborn knot that many of us get around the shoulder blade, is what cupping is most direct at treating. This type of instant relief is satisfying to patients.

What does it treat?

Cupping therapy can treat a whole range of health ailments: 

  • digestive disorders,
  • muscle aches and pain,
  • tight tendons and ligaments,
  • oedema,
  • frozen joints,
  • help with weight loss,
  • And add to facial rejuvenation protocols just to name a few.
Cupping in practice. It is 100% completely safe to the body and skin.

Cupping in practice. It is 100% completely safe to the body and skin.

Cupping History

Cupping therapy has travelled across many lands and through the ages. Some of the original cupping instruments first used in the practice were animal horns designed to suck out snake poisons. Since then, humans have made some amazing discoveries using cupping. Along with animal horns, we now also use bamboo cups, clay and ceramic cups, glass cups, rubber cups, plastic pump cups, and now silicone cups. Renee sticks to materials that can be best cleaned eg:, glass, silicone and plastic.

Cupping Back On The Rise

Because we often criticise things we don't understand, humans in the west have tended to cast prejudices in association with cupping. For a while, cupping therapy was only practiced on the down low as it was considered a "lesser"  medicine. However, it’s back on the rise, partially because cupping practitioners like Renee, have kept up the practice despite Western medicine keeping it at arm's length but mostly because as more and more people discover cupping, they realise how awesome it is! Discover it for yourself.

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